Attend the ZBA Hearings

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At this time, the Hayes Township Zoning Board of Appeals has not scheduled any hearings for the two cases that are challenging the Laws’ project, despite numerous requests by the requesters and despite three lawsuits against Hayes Township for their repeated violations of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act.

There is still time to send your comment to ZBA. Write the ZBA secretary, Kristin Baranski at:

The Hayes Township Zoning Board of Appeals has yet to schedule and hold a legal public hearing for the Interpretation Request case filed in September 2021 by LuAnne Kozma, Elisabeth Hicklen and Irene Fowle, nor for the Appeals case filed in December 2021 by LuAnne Kozma. A hearing for the Interpretation case scheduled for January 26 was partially held, but later we learned that one ZBA member was serving illegally while also the Deputy Supervisor, a paid township employee position, which is prohibited by the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, rendering the entire hearing null since the ZBA did not have a quorum that day and no business could legally be held. The Appeal case hearing originally scheduled for February 2, 2022 could not be held at all, for the same reason.

The Hayes Township Board of Trustees re-populated the ZBA with a few new members and alternates, but kept the illegal ZBA member on the ZBA. He finally resigned and was replaced by another Planning Commissioner.