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Litigation against the Laws

In June 2022, resident LuAnne Kozma sued the Laws in Charlevoix Circuit Court to prevent them from starting the project while her Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) appeal case is pending. 

Litigation against Hayes Township

The two ZBA cases  challenging the township zoning administrator’s determinations and requesting interpretation of the ordinance have been obstructed and delayed ever since the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) applications were filed last September and December (2021). Lawsuits were filed against the Township to compel the local government to follow the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act and hold proper and legal ZBA hearings with a legally-formed Zoning Board of Appeals. It shouldn’t take three lawsuits to get a township to follow the laws and hold ZBA hearings. Part of the problem is the elected Township Supervisor is also the hired Township Zoning Administrator, and he’s calling all the shots. He’s got the backing of the entire Board of Trustees no matter how much he and other officials violate state law.